Coaching is to make people want to achieve things they really wish to do and give them the means to reach their targets. Together with the client, the coach can change this desire into a roadmap and ensure that the plan then turns into action.

Both in a private context and for a company

Coaching is possible both in your private life and in a company context. You can use coaching to increase your personnel involvement in the company business effectiveness. Stimulating your staff and giving them positive support and feedback is good for them and for the company.

What do you really want?

Coaching is no therapy, nor does it replace therapy.
In our role as a coach, we try to bring about a sustainable change. We spend the time needed to identify what you really want; by devoting extra attention to this starting point, we can achieve a lot.
What is all possible? Nobody can tell up front, we'll discover it together on the way!

The coach becomes superfluous

A coach gives tools and enables the coachee to gradually lead the process independently.
The coach never does the job in the client’s stead: the coach only supports the process that is being discovered together with the client.