Starting point

On July 20th, 1997 at 18:45, I put my arm in a rotating concrete mixer. This is the starting point of a wonderful story!

The sacred fire of indignation

The professors who operated on me up to five times were of the opinion that I would still be able to use my arm though in a very limited way. I reacted to that news with the sacred fire of indignation: this cannot and will not be! Thanks to that sacred fire I never say die, not more today than then.

Get the best out of people

For about 10 years, I had the chance of working for a wonderful boss. Michel knows how to get the best out of people. He has also triggered that art in me. Together, we managed to give a company active in computer consultancy a name and a reputation.

Discovered my passion

I know and I feel that through my coaching, I can get people moving (again). Such is my passion and that is what I want achieve with people and companies/organisations.

The consequences of my passion on my day-to-day life

In the mean time, I have learnt swimming, I can again do "push ups", and I specialize in martial arts (Hakkoryu ju-jutsu), despite an unreliable arm that no longer is what it used to be...

The art of coaching

As I like working with people, I have attended NLP and coaching courses. Michel - from whom I have learnt a lot - was dismissed because he was too good for his people. I go my own way under the name Art Decoo: the art of coaching.

Background in computer sciences/statistics

There is also a link with my profession as a computer specialist/statistican. My speciality is taking over other people’s programmes (because they have left the company, because there are errors, because it needs fine-tuning). I have to get into the programme and drill down until I understand the logic behind it without losing my way in the details.
I can then do my job: correct the programme, improve it, get it do what it is meant for...
All this happens with due respect for the one who conceived the programme in the first place.
This is also what happens with coaching...