Coaching for individuals

Are you at odds with yourself or with people around you? You would like to try something new but you don’t know where to start? With the appropriate techniques, Art Decoo can get you moving again.

Socrates coaching & Reframing

Asking questions is an art. By asking the right question at the right moment, the coach can help people gain insight.
He also makes people put on other spectacles: they then look at the world from a different perspective.
For many people, getting insight is already sufficient for them to start moving.

Development-oriented coaching

The coach assesses the situation with you. Together we also try to define what you would like and we draw a roadmap to move towards that target.

Walt Disney

Human beings are full of ideas though they do not take the time to dream. Dreaming, however, can be the starting point of wonderful realisations. Art Decoo takes the time to allow dreams to mature first and then turns them, together with the participants, into realistic plans.