In each of these well-known or less famous people, I can recognize some elements of my coaching. They are a constant source of inspiration for me to get people moving.

Walt Disney

Dreaming as the best asset, almost an obligation...

Jesus of Nazareth

A man who was radical and real as a human being. This does not mean that I agree with all the positions of the Church for that matter...

Bart Peeters

"Sometimes I dream that the pieces fit in the jigsaw". Or: " It is not what it is, it is what you do with it ". In a word, a singer with content.

Geert Hoste

The way this Flemish stand-up comedian notices/comes back to/puts in broad daylight things most people fail to see, is simply fascinating. During his shows, he will put the emphasis on some keywords and keeps coming back to them without rhyme or reason. Right at the end, you finally discover the connecting thread that holds it all together - an exercise that looks like a piece of cake. Yes, I know, from time to time, he is going a bit far...


The sculpture exists in the marble block; all you have to do is chop the excess off.

Tijl Uilenspiegel

The court jester by excellence. He was observing first then would make remarks.

Tim Pauwels

A journalist who has mastered the art of asking questions. Fascinating, direct but with respect.

Michel Henry

As my employer, he got the best out of me, through coaching by the way.


He taught the art of asking questions.


With a (for the majority of us) surprising presentation of the world map,
the Hobo-Dyer projection illustrates Alfred Korsybski’s dictum: The map is not the territory!

Anne Orbie

She taught me that presence/seeing is the key to a sustainable change process.


The first meetings set up by Priest Daens took place in Ninove, the place where I was born... To me, he is the model of sacred indignation!

Riet Lenaerts

She was my first coach, saw my evolution and thought that it was good. She is the godmother of Art Decoo.

Paul Vandevelde

Partner in crime, but then a warm partner. He is the godfather of Art Decoo.

Neil Diamond (the Jazz singer)

I do not like jazz; I do like music (and singing). I do not like jazz impro; I'm happy when I realize that I have asked the appropriate question at the appropriate time, spontaneously, like in improvisation.

Mieke De Pril

Behind each great man ;-) stands a warm mirror.