Hi Franky,

I am so pleased with your coaching! After three conversations with you, I am almost freed from my buying addiction, have given up smoking, act more like a woman (this is an awakening phase...) and last but not least, I have started to do something about my overweight.

One more meeting and I am again as slim as a reed.

The help you have provided me for my job interview clarified the situation and comforted me in the feeling that I was indeed "the right person for the job". This gives one courage and will to proceed further.

Yes Franky, I am really satisfied.

You have respected my personality, without judging or pointing a finger.

You are soft though you can also be critical and speak very directly. Sometimes I do not think it is funny, but it helps!!

I cannot but make publicity for you and will certainly recommend you both as a "coach" and a "man".

You are coaching in a warm, direct, understanding yet tenacious way and this gives strong results.

I am a living proof of this.

Thank you Franky; I wish you all the best while performing your "mission".

I can only advise the persons who have not yet had any experience with you as a "coach" to get on that boat with you.

Kind regards

Gerarda Beckers