Through the years, I have started to realize as a person that it is good to say stop every now and then and take a break to re-connect with yourself, with your fellow men and your environment.

Putting yourself in broad daylight and on top of that do some soul and sense searching is a risky exercise.
As a father of two young kids and with a busy job in the private sector, I am often trying to establish some balance between family, work and personal development. In each of these three domains, I am aiming at maximum quality.
Because of the differences in the amount of time devoted, quality is not always present.

Ideas, feelings and will sometimes play tricks on me.

With the dynamics of a young family and the carreer, coaching is for me an efficient way to constantly bring some balance back, to experience myself and to face any situation at any moment of my life.

The title "Self realisation" is here a perfect word for coaching of high professional standard, respect and warmth!

Wim Supply, 31 years