Besides being a coach, Franky De Cooman is also a husband, a father and a friend. These different roles help him look at problems from different angles.


Since 1992 happily married with Mieke. Whenever somebody pops in, we are trying to make it a pleasant moment. Our marriage theme has become our home mission "an open house".


We have 3 children: Evelien, Simon and Laure. Showing them the right path in life with love and coaching is a captivating challenge. For a period of four years, we opened our nest to a foster daughter, she has contributed to giving shape to our home mission.


I am always trying to get the best out of each and every one. This being said, I am not constantly observing everybody! I am basically trying to be a human being with whom people feel at ease.


I am trying to build long-term relations. Connecting with people is my thing.