No pompous words with Franky De Cooman. The starting point of coaching is a defined set of values, which is at least as efficient as new models and theories. It offers security and confidence.


When I give my word, I keep my promise.


I do not need to know anything about tennis to help a tennis player reach a higher level.


I always try to work with people in a way that expresses warmth and appreciation. Not too warm actually or they will doze off!


Thanks to humour, we can put people in front of a mirror but we do it in a light-hearted and brightened way.


When functioning as a coach, I let you see who I am, what I stand for without pushing myself to the forefront for that matter.


I have a responsibility towards man and society, I am ready to take it.


A keyword that people whom I meet/coach use to qualify me.


"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."


I believe we can change things. Rather be naive than cynical!

Do not judge

If we listen without judging, we can work efficiently.