Business Coaching

A company/an organisation is no charity. Yet, a company that takes care of its personnel will benefit from such an approach.
Indeed, empowered personnel with a keen interest in their job will boost the business!
This is why we prefer to speak of Human Patrimonium rather than Human Capital.

Be attent

Coaching people in a company is actually devoting attention to them. Art Decoo has a wide range of techniques at its disposal to accompany a coaching initiative in companies.
A confidence relationship will develop between the coach and the person(s) with whom he is working. No matter how effective the techniques can be, without that bond, you will not get any result.


Companies invest big moneys in team-building activities and communication training. That is already an excellent investment!
Sometimes this is it and nothing is done to help the participants utilize the acquired knowledge: they have discovered something though they are not shown what to do with it.
The coach will make certain your staff integrate what they have learnt by developing a roadmap, the starting point of which being "what else do you need now?"

Work-Life balance

The way somebody feels at work undoubtedly has an impact on the person’s private life.
The employee’s personality and how he/she feels also influences the quality of their work.
At Art Decoo, we are convinced we can set up a positive loop by paying attention to the employee.

Transition towards a socially responsible company

Art Decoo can also help in the transition process for a company that wants to become socially responsible. We can think of a way to pay attention to People & Planet without forgetting the Profit aspect for that matter.


Coaching for companies supposes a custom-made approach.
That is why we have a first contact to find out what your really want. It is essential for the coach to avoid any misunderstanding.
After this meeting, we prepare an offer that describes the services Art Decoo proposes.