Coaching for teams

Art Decoo can choose from a variety of techniques to guide a coaching process for teams.
Three of them are more frequently used: cookcoaching, the court jester and the principle applied by Walt Disney.


Cooking is more than a pleasant occupation; it can also be used to observe and improve the dynamics within the group.

Court jester

It may occur that something is happening in a team though nobody seems to be able to control it. The coach spends the time needed to discuss the situation with each team member and puts the results together. The coach then communicates those results (if asked for) anonymously to the team and management.

Walt Disney

Human beings are full of ideas though they do not take the time to dream, while dreaming can be the starting point of wonderful realisations. Art Decoo takes the time to allow dreams to mature first and then turns them, together with the participants, into realistic plans.